Indivisible MN03

To say 2024 will be an important year for democracy in America is a huge understatement. In fact, It is hardly possible to overstate the importance of defending democracy this year. With that in mind, the mission statement for Indivisible MN03 has been updated to reflect the current circumstances:

“We are a grassroots movement based in Minnesota’s third congressional district. Our mission is to promote progressive values, defend and strengthen our democracy, and combat authoritarianism.”

What will this mission look like in practice? It will be a year of participating in elections up and down the ticket to support and protect democracy. It will be a year of encouraging friends and neighbors to do likewise. It will be a year of relentless organizing, action, and communication. We all must support democracy by elevating, supporting, and ultimately electing people whose policies, in turn, support voting rights, clean elections, social and economic equity, campaign finance reform, and an open, honest, free press.

Please join us in this mission so that in years to come, we can discuss and debate together in a constructive, democratic fashion the best platforms and policies for the future of our communities.

In addition, we encourage Indivisible MN03 members to run for office or support the campaigns of those who do. Between 2018 and 2023, numerous members of our group ran for and were elected to positions in the Minnesota House and Senate, city councils, school boards, and political parties.

Join us!

Spread the word.  Help build a movement.

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