Indivisible MN03

Indivisible MN03 is a grassroots, constituent-led, all-volunteer group of people from across the political spectrum in Minnesota's third congressional district. We take inspiration from the national Indivisible movement, which uses constituent power to influence legislators throughout the country and hold them accountable for their votes.

The national Indivisible movement was founded after the 2016 election to oppose the:

  • Trump agenda
  • Degradation of truth
  • Rise of authoritarianism

Members of Indivisible MN03 paved the way for Dean Phillips to unseat Trump puppet Erik Paulsen as our U.S. Congressional representative in the 2018 mid-term election—flipping the district from Republican to Democratic representation for the first time in six decades.

We continue to resist Trump's agenda by making sure Phillips knows we expect him to continue (1) supporting inclusion, tolerance, justice, and equality and (2) standing up against corruption and authoritarianism. We do this not only through direct communications, but through visible public actions.

2020 Vision

Indivisible MN03's work leading up to the 2020 elections includes:

Legislative Outreach

Our members continue to ask Rep. Phillips to vote in ways consistent with our values. We request his support for or opposition to certain pieces of legislation; suggest new bills for his consideration; and attend his quarterly town-hall meetings. Indivisible MN03 also coordinates group-wide actions on issues of particular importance by supplying members with the background and facts needed to communicate knowledgeably and effectively with Phillips and his staff.

Community Outreach and Relationship Building

One of the most damaging aspects of Trump’s agenda is his promotion of fear, division, and hatred among Americans. To counter this destructiveness, Indivisible MN03 sponsors and takes part in activities that build goodwill and generosity within our community. For example, we host workshops, meetings, and other gatherings that connect people and provide them with resources to promote truth, justice, inclusion, and respect. We also participate in events that foster meaningful interactions with community members, especially those from traditionally underrepresented groups.

Election Outreach

Our group uses the Indivisible VAN (Voter Activation Network) to build our base of supporters. We connect directly with fellow constituents via phone calls, text and e-mail messages, and issue-focused visits to neighborhoods throughout District 3.

In addition, we encourage Indivisible MN03 members to run for office or support the campaigns of those who do. In 2018 and 2019, numerous members of our group ran for and were elected to positions in the Minnesota House and Senate; city councils; school boards; and political parties.

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