About Us

Indivisible MN03 comprises members of various backgrounds and political persuasions, from progressives to moderates to Never-Trump Republicans. Some of us joined as first-time activists in 2016, while others have been at this for decades. What unites us is a passion for preserving our democracy and protecting our Constitutional rights. 

Our group is not affiliated with any campaign or political party. As a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, IndivisibleMN03 does not donate to, cooperate or consult with, or provide information or other support to candidates, political parties, or PACs. We hold members' contact information in confidence, using it only to communicate directly with them.  We sometimes endorse candidates for office.

Throughout our district, local groups also inspired by the Indivisible movement have sprung up. While Indivisible MN03 and local chapters share the same U.S. House representative – Dean Phillips – our groups function entirely independently. Indivisible MN03 promotes local groups' meetings and events, and vice versa, but affiliate groups have their own meetings, events, and rules, and decide individually on endorsements. See a list of local Indivisible chapters and contact information.

Board of Directors

Julie Cole, Chair

Kimm Kraai, Treasurer

Dave Olson, Secretary

Martha McNey, Promotions Director

Colleen Miner, Outreach Director

Greg Laden, Director

Betsy Kiekhafer, Director

Mark Voorhees, Director